Manufacturer: BMW; 6Q; Part Number: 51-64-7-434-544; Upper Tie Bar, Upper

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6Q detail of the parts catalogs with pictures; 51-64-7-301-592 for 2016 BMW X1, xDrive28i, 2.0L L4 - Gas

BMWUpper Tie Bar, Upper, 51-64-7-434-544
  • Manufactured: BMW
  • Part number:  51-64-7-434-544
  • Part: Upper Tie Bar, Upper
  • Replaces: 51-64-7-301-592
  • Price: $66.29

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2014MiniCooper1.5L L3 - Gas, 2.0L L4 - GasBase, S
2015MiniCooper1.5L L3 - Gas, 2.0L L4 - GasBase, S
2016MiniCooper1.5L L3 - Gas, 2.0L L4 - GasBase, John Cooper Works, S
2016BMWX12.0L L4 - GasxDrive28i

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Catalog NumberPart NumberImagePart NamePrice
6Q6651-16-7-147-172 + Lower Console, Lower$59.40
6Q6Q34-21-6-768-471 + Brake Pads, Rear$118.16
6Q6S41-51-7-176-849 + Lower Hinge, Left Lower$42.07
6Q6P34-21-6-761-281 + Brake Pads, Rear$81.38
6Q6T41-52-7-200-245 + Lower Hinge, Left Lower$41.42
6Q6Y51-16-8-052-643 + Mirror Assembly, Left$648.74
6Q6Z11-62-1-708-966 + Manifold Gasket, Right, Left$7.67
6Q6X51-12-7-428-731 + Outer Support, Left Outer$35.38
6Q6U51-13-7-250-397 + Roof Molding, Left Lower$99.81
6Q6C41-61-3-452-843 + Hinge, Left$62.74
6Q6F61-31-9-390-521 + Adjuster Switch, Left, Rear$113.12
6Q6237-10-6-869-955 + Stabilizer Bar Bracket, Right, Left$16.69
6Q6B31-12-6-769-717 + Ft Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Lower, Left Front$213.28
6Q6K31-12-2-405-861 + Front Control Arm, Left, Left Front$121.41
6Q6H61-31-9-390-522 + Adjuster Switch, Right, Rear$113.12
6Q6433-50-6-779-488 + Strut Bolt, Left Lower, Right Lower$9.95
6Q6E31-10-6-774-713 + Suspension Cross-Member Mount Bolt, Left Front, Right Front$8.09
6Q6033-52-6-874-369 + Shock Absorber, Right, Left$158.14
6Q6I51-43-9-180-577 + Upper Center Pillar Trim Cap, Left Upper, Right Upper$3.45
6Q6551-13-7-424-554 + Belt Molding, Right Rear$128.92
6Q6151-76-7-237-487 + Lower Weather-Strip, Lower$82.55
6Q6M34-21-6-761-248 + Brake Pads, Rear$90.42
6Q6337-10-6-869-956 + Bracket, Right Lower, Right Upper, Left Lower, Left Upper$16.78
6Q6D51-43-7-013-937 + Center Pillar Trim, Left Upper$119.36
6Q6N31-20-6-855-906 + Hub Assembly Screw, Left, Right$3.96
6Q6752-10-7-075-071 + Release Handle, Left Inner$21.78
6Q6O51-33-7-425-394 + Door Glass, Right$183.85
6Q6G51-43-8-235-007 + Windshield Pillar Trim, Left$78.56
6Q6A31-12-6-769-715 + Ft Lower Control Arm Bushing, Right Front, Right Lower, Left Front, Left Lower$78.01
6Q6951-16-1-941-830 + Front Section, Front$263.30
6Q6J37-14-6-780-190 + Level Sensor Bracket, Rear, Front$12.61
6Q6V33-41-1-095-652 + Wheel Bearings, Left, Right$120.57
6Q6833-13-1-206-453 + Bearing, Right Outer, Left Outer$69.75
6Q6W83-19-0-000-537 + Tail Lamp Assembly Gasket, Right, Left$55.25
6Q6R41-51-7-176-847 + Upper Hinge, Left Upper$42.07
6Q6L34-21-6-761-240 + Brake Pads, Rear$90.42
6QQ634-21-6-792-239 + Splash Shield, Left, Right$47.58
6QQQ72-11-1-935-611 + Belt and Retractor, Left$273.67
6QQS61-12-8-380-431 + Wire Harness, Left Front$109.14
6QQP66-21-6-902-182 + Sensor, Front$157.31
6QQT63-21-6-933-017 + Cover, Left$17.53
6QQY34-52-6-756-374 + ABS Sensor, Right Rear, Left Rear$141.74
6QQZ52-10-7-249-499 + Lower Cover, Right Lower, Left Lower$1,018.28
6QQX34-52-6-756-373 + ABS Sensor, Right Front, Left Front$131.23
6QQU13-62-8-582-023 + Oxygen Sensor, Rear$243.01
6QQC52-10-7-383-866 + Headrest, Left, Right$576.37
6QQF72-12-9-180-927 + Side Air Bag, Left Front, Left$337.13
6QQ252-10-7-058-018 + Inner Cover, Right Inner, Left Inner$389.55
6QQB52-10-9-113-106 + Seat Back Frame, Left Rear, Right Rear$1,056.90
6QQK11-74-7-626-351 + Pressure Valve, Left, Right$160.70
6QQH31-30-6-778-829 + Shock Mount Pin, Left, Right$2.02
6QQ434-52-6-756-380 + Rear Speed Sensor, Rear$136.50
6QQE31-12-2-347-981 + Rear Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Rear, Left Lower$216.42
6QQ052-10-7-249-399 + Seat Back Cover, Left Rear, Right Rear$1,120.21
6QQI52-10-9-112-988 + Seat Back Frame, Right Rear, Left Rear$366.48
6QQ552-10-7-058-021 + Inner Cover, Right Inner, Left Inner$129.07
6QQ118-30-7-535-436 + Extension, Left$70.64
6QQM72-12-7-035-787 + Side Air Bag, Left Rear, Left$1,056.93
6QQ334-52-6-756-378 + Speed Sensor, Right Front, Left Front$136.50
6QQD63-11-7-296-902 + Repair Kit, Left, Right$29.95
6QQN33-55-6-782-120 + Stabilizer Link Bracket, Left, Right$9.04
6QQ751-35-3-424-495 + Run Channel, Left$90.98
6QQO33-52-6-781-135 + Strut, Right, Left$106.78
6QQG61-61-7-075-612 + Wiper Arm, Right, Right Front$57.58
6QQA31-12-2-347-963 + Rear Lower Control Arm, Left, Left Rear, Left Lower$216.42
6QQ951-31-8-269-160 + Back Glass Fastener, Rear$0.87
6QQJ67-62-6-955-875 + Window Motor, Left$157.27
6QQV61-12-8-380-432 + Wire Harness, Left Front$120.32
6QQ861-66-7-470-622 + Nozzle Assembly, Left, Right$105.76
6QQW63-21-2-756-353 + Tail Lamp Assembly Screw, Left, Right$1.44
6QQR13-71-1-742-767 + Air Cleaner Assembly, Left$300.21
6QQL17-12-7-568-246 + Lower Hose, Lower$52.13
6QS663-11-7-352-491 + Module, Left$502.48
6QSQ61-62-7-010-295 + Wiper Motor, Rear$389.60
6QSS51-76-7-310-321 + Upper Weather-Strip, Left Upper$98.80
6QSP51-16-9-113-733 + Sun-Visor, Left$165.06
6QST34-11-6-769-277 + Caliper Repair Kit, Left, Right$30.86
6QSY51-46-8-400-129 + Partition Panel, Left$231.46
6QSZ16-14-6-755-880 + Fuel Pump, Left$125.74
6QSX51-16-7-282-751 + Mirror Assembly, Left$731.15
6QSU22-31-6-771-221 + Trans Mount, Left Rear, Right Rear$24.53
6QSC17-11-8-570-831 + Bracket, Left Front, Left Lower, Right Front, Right Lower$18.66
6QSF51-21-7-191-913 + Bezel, Left$73.31
6QS241-12-1-976-606 + Floor Pan Bracket, Right$19.30
6QSB61-31-8-407-548 + Adjust Knob, Right$14.84
6QSK07-11-9-919-959 + Tube Bolt, Rear, Lower$1.24
6QSH51-21-6-961-443 + Handle, Outside, Left$68.09
6QS451-71-7-050-538 + Fender Liner Lower Cover, Right Lower$56.11
6QSE41-51-7-339-357 + Door Shell, Left$705.16
6QS051-16-7-282-779 + Mirror Assembly, Left$822.53
6QSI64-21-8-367-179 + Clamp, Upper$1.96
6QS551-23-7-300-567 + Lift Cylinder, Right, Left$54.03
6QS151-16-7-282-783 + Mirror Assembly, Left$995.28
6QSM31-31-6-873-793 + Strut, Left$314.78
6QS333-50-6-869-960 + Stabilizer Bar Bracket, Right$26.36
6QSD22-31-6-771-130 + Trans Mount, Right Rear, Left Rear$24.53
6QSN41-21-7-378-945 + Center Pillar and Rocker, Left$2,218.86
6QS765-82-9-206-444 + Controller, Front$457.86
6QSO07-12-9-904-067 + Tube Bolt, Rear$3.31
6QSG51-47-9-139-349 + Lift Cylinder, Left Lower, Left Rear, Right Lower, Right Rear$63.57
6QSA51-32-1-906-764 + Glass, Right$103.49
6QS941-11-7-047-885 + Rear Side Rail, Right, Left, Right Rear, Left Rear$111.89
6QSJ51-23-7-162-448 + Hood Bumper, Front, Inner$10.76
6QSV51-76-7-221-840 + Surround Weather-Strip, Right, Left$134.71
6QS865-82-9-206-445 + Controller, Front$457.86
6QSW67-62-6-981-141 + Window Motor, Left$196.59
6QSR52-20-7-131-570 + Headrest, Left, Right$279.96
6QSL33-32-9-061-945 + Trailing Arm Rubber Mount, Right, Left$31.03