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Detail: nubmer - 51-43-3-449-935 QF; name - Upper Center Pillar Trim, Left Upper, ; 51-43-3-412-639 for 2010 BMW X3, xDrive30i, 3.0L L6 - Gas

BMWUpper Center Pillar Trim, Left Upper, 51-43-3-449-935
  • Manufactured: BMW
  • Part number:  51-43-3-449-935
  • Part: Upper Center Pillar Trim, Left Upper
  • Replaces: 51-43-3-412-639
  • Price: $484.99

This part fits:

YearMakeModelEngine & TransmissionBody & Trim
2004BMWX32.5L L6 - Gas, 3.0L L6 - Gas2.5i, 3.0i
2005BMWX32.5L L6 - Gas, 3.0L L6 - Gas2.5i, 3.0i
2006BMWX33.0L L6 - Gas3.0i
2007BMWX33.0L L6 - Gas3.0si
2008BMWX33.0L L6 - Gas3.0si
2009BMWX33.0L L6 - GasxDrive30i
2010BMWX33.0L L6 - GasxDrive30i

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QF6452-10-7-250-073 + Seat Back Frame, Left Rear$596.63
QF6E52-10-8-407-420 + Seat Back Frame, Left Rear, Right Rear$68.68
QF6011-53-7-605-028 + Water Inlet Pipe, Left$94.24
QF6I34-52-6-869-293 + ABS Sensor, Left Rear, Right Rear$109.20
QF6541-35-7-133-795 + Fender, Left$556.09
QF6133-31-6-770-458 + Suspension Cross-Member Stopper, Left Lower, Left Rear, Right Lower, Right Rear$43.11
QF6M33-50-6-779-734 + Bracket, Left, Right$4.15
QF6351-71-1-976-999 + Wheel Opening Molding Tape, Lower$25.41
QF6D07-11-9-902-933 + Passenger Air Bag Bolt, Right, Left$0.62
QF6N18-30-7-541-220 + Front Muffler, Front$622.66
QF6711-62-7-614-095 + Manifold Gasket, Right, Left$34.82
QF6O34-52-6-869-321 + ABS Sensor, Right Front, Left Front$109.20
QF6G17-11-2-228-090 + Air Guide, Right$29.22
QF6A61-66-7-019-548 + Washer Hose Brace, Left$16.75
QF6941-13-2-238-260 + Compartment, Right$99.69
QF6J51-21-8-208-423 + Micro-Switch, Left, Right$42.06
QF6V31-33-1-091-535 + Spring, Right, Left$214.87
QF6872-12-8-268-165 + Head Air Bag, Left$454.84
QF6W52-20-7-132-992 + Headrest, Right, Left$226.34
QF6R41-21-7-277-331 + Center Pillar and Rocker, Left$1,047.74
QF6L61-31-9-352-183 + Window Switch, Right, Left$187.79
QFQ651-47-8-171-982 + Trunk Mat, Rear$159.99
QFQQ46-63-7-651-465 + Upper Quarter Trim Nut, Left Upper, Right Upper$2.44
QFQS64-22-6-963-779 + Trim Cover, Left Lower$18.13
QFQP51-41-7-224-383 + Door Trim Panel, Left$800.19
QFQT07-12-9-904-226 + Outer Support Nut, Left Outer, Right Outer$0.51
QFQY61-31-9-287-096 + Seat Switch, Right$307.01
QFQZ07-14-6-987-781 + Fender Nut, Left, Right$1.02
QFQX52-20-9-809-217 + Cushion Cover, Left$728.01
QFQU51-46-6-978-108 + Rear Console, Rear$349.55
QFQC51-47-2-497-581 + Hook, Left Rear$15.59
QFQF41-11-7-163-673 + Rail Extension, Left$206.99
QFQ241-51-7-176-861 + Lower Hinge, Left Lower$44.01
QFQB51-71-7-234-238 + Bracket, Left, Right$8.17
QFQK51-41-7-224-371 + Door Trim Panel, Left$774.28
QFQH65-77-9-119-743 + Side Impact Sens, Left, Right$202.94
QFQ437-20-6-781-223 + Air Hose, Left$30.69
QFQE13-71-7-848-152 + Intake Duct, Left$291.90
QFQ041-52-1-961-313 + Door Shell, Left$561.65
QFQI33-55-2-229-604 + Stabilizer Bar Bushing, Left, Right$16.55
QFQ537-20-6-781-224 + Air Hose, Right$30.69
QFQ141-51-7-176-859 + Upper Hinge, Left Upper$44.01
QFQM34-11-2-226-875 + Carrier, Left, Right$446.51
QFQ341-51-7-176-862 + Lower Hinge, Right Lower$44.01
QFQD13-71-7-848-151 + Intake Duct, Right$221.84
QFQN51-41-7-224-375 + Door Trim Panel, Left$774.28
QFQ763-11-7-182-521 + Signal Lamp Bulb Socket, Right, Left$11.95
QFQO51-11-7-209-904 + Trim Molding, Upper, Lower$34.68
QFQG51-47-2-232-915 + Scuff Plate, Left Rear Outer, Right Rear Outer$170.05
QFQA37-14-6-871-399 + Level Sensor Rear Bracket, Left Rear$12.13
QFQ952-20-9-808-824 + Seat Back Cover, Inner, Rear$242.67
QFQJ51-24-7-330-648 + Servo, Lower$369.57
QFQV51-46-6-978-110 + Lower Cover, Lower$109.67
QFQ832-30-6-794-084 + Lower Cover, Lower$330.47
QFQW61-31-9-287-087 + Seat Switch, Left$307.01
QFQR07-12-9-904-223 + Bumper Cover Nut, Left Upper, Left Outer, Right Upper, Right Outer$0.51
QFQL07-14-6-977-362 + Support Bolt, Right Upper, Right Lower, Left Upper, Left Lower$1.40
QFS661-67-7-179-311 + Headlamp Washer, Right, Left$93.43
QFSQ51-17-8-197-897 + Storage Cover, Rear$331.74
QFSS07-14-9-148-299 + Seat Belt Assembly Bolt, Left Outer, Left Upper, Left Lower, Right Outer, Right Upper, Right Lower$2.75
QFSP51-16-7-361-847 + Sun-Visor, Left$121.22
QFST51-21-7-317-560 + Lock Cable, Left, Right$23.77
QFSY61-61-0-431-438 + Wiper Blade, Left, Left Front, Right Front$51.48
QFSZ31-31-6-759-097 + Strut, Left$263.29
QFSX41-62-8-413-371 + Hinge, Left$32.25
QFSU32-30-6-791-295 + Lower Shaft, Lower$411.54
QFSC63-17-8-357-393 + Lens and Housing Support, Left$28.97
QFSF64-11-9-248-184 + Blower Motor, Rear$160.96
QFS264-50-8-375-741 + Press Hose Seal, Upper, Lower$2.75
QFSB65-13-9-204-785 + Woofer, Left$191.59
QFSK41-00-2-993-093 + Wheelhouse Brace, Left Inner, Right Inner$217.78
QFSH51-71-7-186-395 + Center Support, Left$30.46
QFS451-16-7-189-357 + Mirror Assembly, Left$609.29
QFSE64-11-9-248-171 + Blower Assembly, Front$426.35
QFS007-14-7-154-447 + Under Cover C-Clip, Left Outer, Left Lower, Left Upper, Right Outer, Right Lower, Right Upper$0.54
QFSI67-11-8-354-213 + Lock Actuator, Right, Left$131.29
QFS534-11-6-772-428 + Carrier Mount Bolt, Left, Right$2.83
QFS111-53-1-315-271 + Line, Front$352.31
QFSM34-20-6-772-121 + Splash Shield Bolt, Left, Right$0.71
QFS332-41-1-093-597 + Pressure Hose Front Seal, Lower, Front, Upper$1.23
QFSD31-31-7-841-707 + Strut, Left$408.48
QFSN34-30-6-794-002 + Brake Hose, Right, Left$38.70
QFS741-21-7-152-663 + Quarter Panel, Left$919.72
QFSO07-14-3-413-174 + Rear Muffler Nut, Right Rear, Left Rear$0.78
QFSG51-16-9-150-388 + Coat Hook, Left, Right$14.83
QFSA51-64-7-434-544 + Upper Tie Bar, Upper$66.29
QFS937-14-6-871-063 + Control Module, Right, Left$997.11
QFSJ41-14-7-194-756 + Inner Wheelhouse, Right Inner$326.72
QFSV51-23-7-132-756 + Lock, Right$73.18
QFS841-21-7-277-339 + Roof Rail, Left$1,813.85
QFSW51-71-8-407-335 + Cover Sealer, Left$79.95
QFSR07-14-9-258-986 + Lock Screw, Right, Left$1.55
QFSL51-75-7-203-963 + Cooling Duct, Left$82.59